Descubrimiento Digital: The Online Lives of Latinx Consumers

The visibility of U.S. Hispanics highlights an increase in cultural inclusivity and civic representation as well as recognition of the community’s strides. With continuing progress in educational pursuits, economic gains and more, the Latinx community and its influence on the new American...

Reaching Older Latinos to Help Seal the Vote

In anticipation of next year’s presidential election, political buzz is in full swing across the U.S. While campaign planners develop outreach strategies, they should consider older Latinos—a large demographic that could fuel decisive swing votes in many upcoming local and state elections.

Older Latinos Offer Unique Marketing Opportunities

While younger Latinos are commanding widespread attention in the U.S. marketplace, older Latinos’ purchasing and consumption preferences can offer a unique opportunity for advertisers and marketers to extend their reach to a fast-growing consumer group in an increasingly multicultural U.S....

A Millennial Majority for Audio, Today

According to Nielsen’s new Audio Today report, Millennials hold the majority when it comes to the number of weekly radio listeners by generation in the U.S. Of the 243 million Americans (aged 12 or older) using radio each week, 66.6 million of them are Millennials.

State of the Media: Audio Today—How America Listens

Radio, one of the original mass mediums, continues to play a big part in the lives of Americans everywhere—with 243 million Americans listening weekly. For advertisers, that means radio delivers a mass audience in real-time across markets large and small that is highly qualified.