Millennials on Millennials: In the Know…On the Go!

Millennials are the most-coveted consumer demographic from a marketer-engagement perspective, yet they’re often the most stereotyped as well. This generation group in the U.S. has spending power and influence, and marketers are eager to reach them.

Descubrimiento Digital: The Online Lives of Latinx Consumers

The visibility of U.S. Hispanics highlights an increase in cultural inclusivity and civic representation as well as recognition of the community’s strides. With continuing progress in educational pursuits, economic gains and more, the Latinx community and its influence on the new American...

Female Voter Segments Are As Unique As Their Media Preferences

Are all female voters alike, and will a one-size-fits-all media strategy work as candidates vie to get their messages heard by this important voter segment? Nielsen Scarborough examined three key female voter segments to learn more about their voting behaviors and determine which media vehicles...

NASCAR's All-Star Week Caters to a Loyal Fan Base

The majority of NASCAR race teams are located within a 30-mile radius of Charlotte, N.C., and when May rolls around each year, the sport’s most loyal fans are exposed to two weeks of thrills compliments of the national touring series.

Asian Americans: Digital Lives and Growing Influence

Asian-American consumers are expanding their influence and voicing their preferences as customers, audiences and voters like never before. Thus, understanding this group has become more important for any organization servicing the American public.