Reaching Older Latinos to Help Seal the Vote

In anticipation of next year’s presidential election, political buzz is in full swing across the U.S. While campaign planners develop outreach strategies, they should consider older Latinos—a large demographic that could fuel decisive swing votes in many upcoming local and state elections.

Older Latinos Offer Unique Marketing Opportunities

While younger Latinos are commanding widespread attention in the U.S. marketplace, older Latinos’ purchasing and consumption preferences can offer a unique opportunity for advertisers and marketers to extend their reach to a fast-growing consumer group in an increasingly multicultural U.S....

Black Influence Goes Mainstream in the U.S.

The power of black influence is something businesses and content creators should consider when developing strategic marketing campaigns and programs not only for African-American audiences, but for the general population, too.

What's In Asian-Americans' Wallets?

Will that be cash or credit? The way people pay for their purchases is a key component in their actual purchasing decisions. And for Asian-Americans, there is a strong affinity for credit cards.