Case Study: Ensuring Brand Lift Takes Off

The holidays are right around the corner and consumers are turning to online travel sites to book their next getaway providing advertisers the opportunity to compete for their time and money. Advertisers, however, want to make sure their investments have a positive impact on their audience.

Case Study: Seamlessly Driving Awareness

Native advertising provides an opportunity for advertisers to reach consumers within the digital ecosystem by seamlessly integrating into a site experience. However, with this integrated experience, advertisers need to understand if the campaign is driving the desired result and resonating with...

Case Study: More than Just Engaging

Spending on digital video ads is up, but advertisers are still looking to understand if their video advertising efforts are positively affecting brand opinions. Videology worked closely with Nielsen to understand the brand building capabilities of its platform.

Case Study: Weirdly Awesome, and Effective

Historically, the Trolli gummy candy brand wasn’t as well known as the brand's parent wanted. So Trolli developed its first major online ad campaign in years, tagged “Weirdly Awesome.” And to stay on track, Trolli used Nielsen Digital Brand Effect to hone campaign awareness and drive sales.

Scoring a Holiday Touchdown

Marketers who can connect with sports fans have a captive audience. That’s because sports fans are connected and passionate when they’re engaged. And for sports like football, which compete with the holiday shopping season for attention, it’s crucial to deliver the right message in the right...

A Disruptive Game Plan: Catching the Active Consumer

Disturbing a sports fanatic while they’re watching a game isn’t normally a good idea. That’s because sports fans are connected and passionate when they’re engaged. In fact, 41 percent of all TV-related Tweets are about sports programming—even though sports account for only 1.3 percent of...

The Perfect Game Plan

Football and wings go hand-in-hand, and for Buffalo Wild Wings it’s one of the busiest times of the year. So the 2012 season, Buffalo Wild Wings saw football as the perfect opportunity to implement a cross-device advertising campaign to capture more consumer time and drive in-store traffic.