Tops of 2016: TV

Television in 2016 was all about court rooms, cat fights and comebacks. There was also an oversupply of sports narratives where the underdogs came out on top. U.S viewers were witnesses to historic comebacks against even more historic odds.

The Total Audience Report

Viewers have immense control over the choices they have amid the evolving ecosystem of devices and platforms for content discovery. In fact, they’ve never had more control than they do today. And as a result, we see a resounding growth in content consumption on digital platforms.

Content is King, But Viewing Habits Vary by Demographic

From smartphones to tablets and even the latest generation gaming consoles, today's technology is changing rapidly. According to Nielsen’s third-quarter Total Audience Report—formerly the Cross-Platform Report—this fragmentation doesn’t apply just to technology; consumers' viewing habits...

From the Bushel to the Bottle

Just like the pumpkin-spiced latte created a major coffee craze, a wave of flavor innovators are unleashing an array of fruit inspirations they hope will have a similar effect on the beverages we enjoy at cocktail hour.