The Media Universe: More Options, More Time, More Reach

The proliferation of technology, devices and content over time has also allowed media to reach more of us each week than ever before. When comparing which platforms reach the most Americans today, legacy platforms lead the way, with radio and TV topping the list, followed by smartphones.

Handicapping the 2018 Radio Format of The Summer

During the summer, each and every year, American radio listening habits shift. In recent memory, this has meant that stations specializing in music from decades past—in particular, Classic Rock and Classic Hits—see their audience levels rise during the warmest months of the year.

You Can’t Unhear This: Audio Can Supercharge TV Campaigns

No one believes that only one medium is enough to reach today’s consumer. And as much time as the industry discusses the value and contributions from digital and mobile, many advertisers are taking a page from their old playbooks to reevaluate traditional platforms in this fragmented marketplace.

Radio Receivers: Diverse Audiences Lead the Way

Diverse audiences are big with radio. In fact, Black and Hispanic consumers make up a third of American radio listeners. In the first quarter of 2018, the radio reached 92% of Black consumers each week and 96% of Hispanic consumers.

Podcasts and Picnics: The Perfect Pair

There are some things that are perfectly paired together when summer rolls around: beaches and barbeques, sunshine and sunscreen, and condiments and picnics. But did you know that podcasts are popular with over half of all barbeque sauce-, ketchup- and sunscreen-purchasing households?

The Connected TV Experience: Transforming the Living Room

With so many connected TV options, Americans spend a collective 8 billion hours using these devices in a given month. While traditional, linear TV still accounts for the majority of viewers’ watch time, we’re in the midst of a major transformation within the over-the-top (OTT) landscape.

Webinar: Digital Challengers to Media Powerhouses

Hear how Group Nine Media emerged in the digital content landscape, and how it used digital measurement insights to help transform Group Nine from a scrappy newcomer to a brand that today, competes with the biggest video players in the industry.