Case Study: Shaking Up Health Care Tech With Consumer-Powered Designs

When Care Innovations began developing its online Health Harmony platform that helps patients, their families and physicians share health data and educational information, it found itself divided on critical product development issues. That’s where Nielsen’s website optimization solutions came...

2014 Consumer Health Sentiments Report

In the post-Affordable Care Act era, more and more consumers are entering the health care system. Many health insurers will likely find the influx attractive, but the uninsured pose a unique problem for insurers: there is little data about them. So how can insurers discern the opportunity from the...

Dedicating Wealth to Preserve Health

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But when fruit doesn’t cure what ails you, a solid health and wellness plan might just do the trick. China, which is on pace to produce 37.5 million metric tons of apples in 2013, leads the globe in terms of saving for health-related issues (63%), with the