Video 360 2017 Report

The Nielsen Video 360 report explores how consumers in the U.S. discover and view film and TV content across devices and channels, the drivers and barriers to purchase, attitudes around long-form and short-form content, and the trends in free and paid streaming.

Tops of 2015: Entertainment

While books are one of our oldest forms of entertainment, reading remains a top spare-time activity for all ages around the globe. But what books consumers buying vary from print to digital.

Star Wars: The Franchise Awakens

With the release of The Force Awakens, a new Nielsen analysis explores the sales figures behind the franchise over the past few years, focusing on Star Wars-related discs, books, and consumer packaged goods.

Frightful Fans: The Profile of Horror Movie Lovers

It’s a fantastically frightful time of year for moviegoers, with studios springing their most spine-chilling creations on audiences ahead of Halloween. And while scaredy cats may be waiting for it all to pass, millions of horror fans across the nation are treasuring this time of terror.

Game Consoles in 2015: One Stop Shop for Games and Entertainment

Gaming consoles are no longer just for gaming. In fact, console owners actively use their devices for a wide range of activities including viewing TV, streaming video, watching Blu-ray discs and exploring the Internet. In fact, gaming accounts for only half of the time they spend on their consoles.