Webinar: Changing Your Trade Promotion Trajectory

Based on learnings from our work with numerous CPG manufacturers and our recent analysis of more than 92 million promotion event weeks covering three years and 211 categories, Nielsen identified four fundamental issues that are hindering trade efficiency. Download the webinar to learn how these...

The Path to Efficient Trade Promotions

America is pretty bad when it comes to trade promotions—or at least in terms of getting a positive return on that investment. And what’s more, the problem is getting worse. There are, however, ways to turn things around.

Nielsen TV: The Road to Better Success in Trade Promotion

Consumer product companies spend a vast amount of money promoting their goods and services. The downside, however, is that only one-third of those efforts make money. Yet, companies continue to spend more on both their actual trade promotions and systems to run their promotions. What approach might...

Cracking the Trade Promotion Code

Consumer product companies spend about $1 trillion each year on trade promotions, but much of that is poorly spent. In a recent study of $555B in promotion events, almost three-fourths didn’t even break even. But some manufacturers have cracked the code, and their promotions perform five times...

Real Returns: What Matters Most in Digital Advertising

Think about the last ad you saw: Was it on TV or another device like your tablet or mobile phone? With so many channels and so little time, it’s a bigger challenge to reach consumers at the right place and the right time and even harder to take them from just watching, to buying something.