Quarter By Numbers: Q3 2018

Confidence on a global scale ended the third quarter two points higher than in the previous period and fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sales in many countries are trending upward as a result.

Total Consumer Report: December 2018

While American consumers still claim to spend twice as much on in-home consumables as they do on dining out, when compared to 2011, Americans are spending nearly 2% more on dining out, and 2% less on food and beverages at home.

The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q2 2018

Access and convenience are two key factors that determine how people consume media at different times. So, is prime time still relevant in this era of device fragmentation? The answer is a resounding “Yes.”

Beyond the Uniform: A Look at Today's Veteran Consumers

Veterans are a unique consumer group that offers marketers opportunities to either create brand awareness or extend their existing relationships with these consumers. With today’s population at nearly 20 million across the U.S., the marketing appetite is here now as this group offers distinct...

U.S. Music 360 - 2018 Highlights

Music is the universal language of the U.S. population. Nielsen’s 2018 Music 360 report is a powerful source of consumer behaviors and attitudes, filled with a comprehensive range of self-reported data to help you deeply understand today’s music consumer.

Unpacking the Sustainability Landscape

Find the biggest growth opportunities in sustainability and the differences across markets. Consumers in emerging markets are demanding a strong corporate response and in developed markets, consumers are becoming increasingly sensitive to sustainability claims.

Finding Success Through Sustainability

Consumers are using their spending power to effect the change they want to see. This isn’t a trend a company can side-step. No matter what market you’re in, connecting sustainability factors to how it impacts consumers is the key. There are some clear steps companies can take to be successful.