Webinar: Price on the Rise

Webinar: Price on the Rise

Thirty-three percent of trade planning is reactive. The cost of goods goes up. Manufacturers reflexively increase price to protect their margins. As a result, brand loyalty among consumers shifts, causing these same companies to overcorrect with tactics such as deeper discounts or more frequent promotions in an attempt to win back loyalty.

The result? Often, the problem only gets worse, driving down shareholder value and less profitable outcomes. It’s a cycle that fueled the economic downturn ten years ago and, even though the market is in a fairly stable state, there are increased inflationary and international pressures on the horizon that show signs of affecting organizations like yours again.

Don’t become another one of these price and promo statistics — using the same pricing and promotions year after year can add unwanted risk to your business. In this webinar, learn how to:

  • Evaluate and align revenue streams to fit consumer mindsets
  • Create profit opportunities and strategize around competitor pricing
  • Re-prioritize your actions to possibly reduce overall operational costs
  • Develop effective value pricing strategies that nurture relationships with your leadership team, retailers and shareholders