Audience outcomes



Access brand-level ad spend, spots, ratings and impressions to understand competitive media strategies and validate owned or competitive campaign investments.

Use our customizable budget allocation solution to optimize your advertising allocation so that it aligns with specific sales and business goals.

Determine touch point suitability and optimize campaign budget allocation to maximize impact on brand and sales.

Gain a deep understanding of consumer purchase triggers, and get valuable recommendations on which touch points are most suitable to your needs.

Build and optimize cross-media planning scenarios across audiences based on reach and frequency metrics with fused currency data sets.

Develop in-depth cross-platform planning and analysis with the most comprehensive and granular respondent-level data available.


Access measured consumer data to reach your desired online audiences more effectively and efficiently.

Achieve marketing objectives by profiling and activating customers across digital platforms, with the enriched data sets of Nielsen Marketing Cloud.


Understand how investments in diverse talent and content can improve audience engagement, reach and visibility of underrepresented groups in media.

Transform big data into actionable business decisions using our software solution designed to analyze large amounts of survey-based data.

Evaluate the advertising effectiveness of brand sponsorships in podcasts with our exposure survey and controlled methodologies.

Understand where podcasters shop, what they buy, what they watch, read and listen to, with Nielsen Podcast Buying Power.

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Compare and evaluate the impact of brand integrations across all types of content, audiences and platforms.


Uncover whether a digital and/or TV advertising campaign led to customers buying the FMCG product being advertised.

Understand the impact of your advertising campaign on actual sales across digital, mobile, TV, radio, print and cross-platform media.

Measure and optimize brand lift performance using real-time online polls to determine your digital campaign’s effectiveness against marketing objectives.

Determine your optimal budget allocation and media planning, and forecast the impact on ROI based on historical media activation performance.

Discover real-time addressable marketing performance in the context with key audiences using person-level exposure and outcome data.

Quantify your cross-media campaign’s impact on brand health metrics like awareness, consideration and purchase intent to discover top performing channels.