Branded Content Effectiveness

Understand the Impact of Your Branded Content.

Brand integrations are quickly becoming one of the most powerful ways to engage with consumers without interrupting their media consumption. More and more brands are using branded and sponsored content as an authentic and less intrusive way to connect with their audiences. Whether you’re trying to demonstrate the value of brand integrations across your platforms or understand how branded content affects your consumers, Nielsen has the solution for you.

Nielsen Branded Content Effectiveness digs deep into the efficiency and context of native advertising by exploring metrics like ad recall, brand fit, purchase intent and likeability. With detailed analysis of how sponsored ads drove brand equity and content engagement, you’ll have the tools you need to measure and benchmark performance.

Branded Content Effectiveness’ surveys will help you:

Unlock the Value of Sponsored Content

Ensure brand sponsorships are engaging and effective by measuring against key advertising and content metrics, including:

  • Ad Recall
  • Familiarity
  • Affinity
  • Purchase Intent
  • Recommendation Intent
  • Brand Attributes
What is branded content?
What is branded content?

Evaluate Consumer Impact

Gain a comprehensive view of consumer reaction to branded content across platforms, audiences, markets and content types, such as video, blog posts and static images.

Quantify Branded Content Engagement

Discover insights into consumers’ engagement with native advertising, including:

  • Overall Enjoyment
  • Intent to Share
  • Uniqueness
  • Talent Likeability
  • Content Attributes
What is branded content?

No One Gathers Data Like We Do

Nielsen is a leader in the branded content space with hundreds of studies completed and a rich database of benchmarks, allowing Nielsen to help organizations understand what resonates across different audiences. Use Nielsen’s templated survey with customizable questions to understand the impact of sponsored content and how it compares to other advertising types. With learnings and analysis from our tool, you can discover:

  • What is the marketing impact on my brand sponsorships?
  • How does the impact of native advertising compare to other advertising types?
  • What characteristics of branded content are most effective at driving brand lift and optimizing advertising efficiency?
What is branded content?