Nielsen Digital Brand Effect is a market-leading solution that allows the entire digital media ecosystem to collaborate around measuring and optimizing brand lift metrics in real-time. Our always on methodology provides marketers and their partners granular insight into how their campaigns are performing in order to maximize the value of their digital advertising investments.


Prove the brand-building effectiveness of your online and mobile properties. Our real-time, collaborative platform gives you the tools to help you stand out on the media plan.

Increase accountability by connecting and measuring your entire digital advertising chain’s ability to achieve brand building objectives. Robust, customizable benchmarks allow you to diagnose worldwide digital marketing efforts in a flash.

Granular, real-time brand lift metrics allow you to pinpoint exactly what’s working and what’s not, allowing you to proactively optimize performance while the campaign’s still in-flight and maximize your clients’ marketing investments.

Brand Lift Metrics

By measuring brand lift, Nielsen Digital Brand Effect brings the same metrics used to measure and optimize advertising effectiveness in the offline world to the digital medium. Brand lift is the percentage increase in the primary objective of an advertising campaign, and is used by marketers to measure the extent to which their advertising has shifted consumer perception against awareness, attitudes, favorability, intent or preference.

Real-Time Matters

Nielsen Digital Brand Effect provides brand lift metrics in real-time via an intuitive, always-on interface. Our solution gives marketers and their partners the opportunity to optimize performance while the campaign is still in-flight, helping marketers maximize their display, rich media, native, video, mobile and programmatic advertising spend.

Collaborative Optimization

Our robust and scalable application allows all parties involved in a campaign to run their instances of the solution against the same campaign in an easy and secure manner. Nielsen Digital Brand Effect aligns all parties involved and encourages direct collaboration to optimize performance and maximize return on advertising spend.

Gold-Standard Methodology

Nielsen Digital Brand Effect uses the gold-standard in brand measurement methodology—a concurrent test / control methodology using a classic experimental design. Digital Brand Effect surveys are designed to maximize participation while minimizing bias. Surveys capture consumer sentiment to measure how the campaign performed against its primary marketing objective.