nielsen streaming video ratings

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The amount of time consumers spend with video streaming platforms continues to increase, amplified by the growing number of platforms and services. As viewing preferences shift, studios, platforms, content creators and advertisers need to understand how much time consumers are spending with their content. 

Nielsen Streaming Video Ratings provides clients with measurement detailing the amount of time consumers spend streaming and on which platforms. Nielsen uses the same panel for linear TV measurement and streaming measurement, which means that clients have comparable data as well as the ability to drill down to gain more insights than ever. SVOD Content Ratings, which measure content at an episode/program level, coupled with Nielsen Streaming Video Ratings provide the true scale of the growing streaming ecosystem.


Platform growth leads directly to category growth and change, providing important industry trends.  Nielsen Streaming Video Ratings measures the duration and details of streaming platforms and categories.


Nielsen Streaming Video Ratings is available in our premier analytics platform, NPOWER, which means clients can unlock data far beyond traditional age/gender categorization.  You will have the ability to understand race/ethnicity, household income, devices inside the home and even residence location (e.g., Northeast), plus many more.

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