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An Audio Playbook for the Big Game

By kickoff time on Sunday, football fans and casual observers everywhere will be settling in to watch or listen to what is an unrivaled broadcasting spectacle in American sporting culture. Yet for as widely appealing as the Super Bowl has become, there’s still nothing quite like the connection...

Nielsen “Kicks Off” Super Bowl Advertiser Hall of Fame

Super Bowl ads—undoubtedly in a class all their own—are roughly 40 percent more memorable than the average commercial, according to Nielsen TV Brand Effect. This, combined with the Super Bowl’s massive reach and high program engagement that has increased over the past five years, are just...

Super Bowl Wins with Super-Sized Wallets

Advertising during the Super Bowl requires very deep pockets, as the average 30-second spot cost marketers well over $3 million the last two years. And the stakes for those dollars are just as big, considering that viewership routinely tops the hundred-million viewer mark. So when you take a step...

The Perfect Game Plan

Football and wings go hand-in-hand, and for Buffalo Wild Wings it’s one of the busiest times of the year. So the 2012 season, Buffalo Wild Wings saw football as the perfect opportunity to implement a cross-device advertising campaign to capture more consumer time and drive in-store traffic.