“Nielsen Marketing Cloud”- the digital science behind what’s next in a Rational-Growth Era

The Portman Ritz-Carlton Shanghai(Lisao Hall 3F)

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TIME:October 18, 2018 (12:00pm-14:00PM)

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How to upgrade your marketing strategy in 2019?

As the leading market research and performance measurement company, Nielsen has always been in the frontier of digitizing market research and insights.

On Oct 18, Shanghai, Nielsen will present Marketing Cloud (NMC). NMC is aimed to help marketers to break the data walled-garden, and to win with the help of digital science in an era of rational growth…

– China consumption and media trends:

In an era of rational growth, high marketing ROI is a must. This is only achievable with accurate planning and measurement, based right 

understanding of trends and thus priorities.

– Nielsen Marketing Cloud (NMC):

Just like a great house is not only solid, but offer better lifestyle for the people living in that house. A great marketing cloud is not just for data and computing, but offer better support to marketing use cases. NMC is not only an independent cloud integrating consumer data of Watch and Buy, but also Nielsen’s in-depth knowledge about industry, media, and consumers.

– Evolution of Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) on NMC:

DAR is migrated to NMC infrastructure, which offers more flexibility and better service. Furthermore, this makes data & product integration become simpler and enables comprehensive measurement and insights.

– How OTT (smartTV) impacts audience and Nielsen’s OTT analytical tool demo:

Nielsen will launch OTT database and analytical tool, and demonstrate how it equips marketers with better measurement and insights for OTT platform.