Webinar: The Quest for Convenience

Presenter:Ailsa Wingfield, Executive Director, Thoughts Leadership, Nielsen Global Markets
Location: 1pm (London / Lagos)
2pm (Cairo/Johannesburg/Prague/Rome)
3pm (Moscow/Istanbul/Nairobi/Riyadh)
4pm (Dubai)
5pm (Karachi)

Duration: One hour

Cost: Complimentary

Event hashtag: #questforconvenience

With finite time and infinite change, consumers’ expectations don’t stand still. Consumers’ circumstances and priorities are continually changing with shifts to urban centres, commuter congestion, evolving roles and the impact of technology. Consumers are looking to rebalance their more complex and croded lives, they need conveneince.

It’s about every encounter, interaction and action which fulfils the growing demand for greater efficiency in their multifaceted and time-scarce lives. But…convenience soutions need to have different and multiple  interpretations for different segments of society and areas of the globe, where the conept of conveneince is unique to individual encounters and usage.

Join Ailsa from our Nielsen Global Markets Thought Leadership team, as she shares global insights and regional examples as to why we need to revisit our definition of ‘convenience’ as more than a retail format and increasingly a consumer need. What opportunities are there for manufacturers, retailers, marketers and innovations?

Webinar highlights include: 

  • Factors that are influencing convenience growth and what do they look like by region
  • What are consumers attitudes towards various convenience offerings
  • Regional examples of how emerging convenience plays
  • Which approaches may flourish and what can you do now to win

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