Efficient Assortment Online Workshop

Presenter:Chryssa Asmatzi (Category Management Business Consulting Leader for EE)
Location: Online

In the effort to help prevent the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak to keep spreading, we will implement virtual ONLINE Category Management workshops of the upcoming weeks across the world. This measure will help us reduce the risk of spreading any illness to our communities, while continue supporting our clients to be ready to face and unlock more retail landscape opportunities. We will rely upon technology to keep a good learning online environment for all participants.


In EAM we will take a deep dive into Assortment Tactic and you will learn how to make the right decision to optimize your assortment.

The EAM workshop would help you select the appropriate product assortment for your category and contribute to operational effectiveness and efficiency for your organization.


  • Understand the benefits of proper Assortment Management
  • Learn a framework that will help you optimize your assortment
  • Identify factors that influence the assortment
  • Analyze main KPI’s for selecting the right assortment
  • Coordinate assortment decisions with Category Management strategies
  • Contribute to your organization’s operational effectiveness and efficiency


Category Managers, Buyers, Merchandising, Space and Assortment planners, Trade Marketing, KAM´s, Brand Managers, Merchandisers, Business/Sales Analysts.


  • €950 / participant
  • 5% for 3 participants/company
  • 10% for 6 participants/company and above


  • Comprehensive course materials, case studies and certificate

For more information and registrations, please contact:


DAY 1: 09:00 – 18:00


  • Introduction – Welcome instructions
  • Market Trends Overview
  • Shooper Centric Category Management Review – 8 step process recap
  • Benefits
  • Assortment Management Introduction
  • What is Assortment Management?
  • Benefits and challenges
  • Assortment Management Framework
  • 4 step framework and strategies
  • Step 1: Collaborative Trade Partnership
    • Manufacturers assortment techniques
    • Manufacturer’s strategies and shopper inputs

DAY 2: 09:00 – 18:00

  • Day 1 Review
  • Step 2: Category Management Integration
    • Category Management process steps linked to Assortment Management
    • How category roles and strategies address better Assortment
    • Management decisions
  • Step 3: Data Sources Integration
    • Shopper facts selection criteria
    • Retailer facts selection criteria
    • Manufacturer facts selection criteria
  • Step 4: Assortment Management Process
  • 7 step process
    • Market coverage
    • Segments relevance
    • Product delisting
    • Product addition
    • Product validation
    • Finalization
    • Quantification


Chryssa Asmatzi – Category Management Consulting Leader for East Europe

Chryssa has more than 25 years of experience in Retail, with expertise in all facets of marketing, branding, communications, business development and e-commerce, 7 of which in Category Management for key retailers in Greece, i.e. Carrefour Marinopoulos, Makro Cash & Carry, etc.

She is specialized in strategic planning and analysis, shopper marketing, customer insights, digital marketing and has a passion for e-business and innovative communications strategy development.

Chryssa delivers a series of training workshops with an integrated perspective that combines manufacturing, retailing and analytics. She leads Nielsen Category Management Consulting for the EE region.