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Snapshot of U.S. Television Usage What We Watch… and How

1 minute read | September 2010

With the new TV season upon us, Nielsen has provided a look at what, and how, we watch TV in the U.S. Throughout 2009-2010, television viewing continued to fragment and adapt to new technologies such as digital video recorders and high-definition television.

Fast Facts

There are 115.9 million homes in the U.S. with at least one TV – up roughly 1 million homes from the previous TV season.


Viewing averages

• The average American watches 35:34 (hours/minutes) of TV per week

• Kids aged 2-11 watch 25:48 (hours/minutes) of live TV per week

• Adults over 65 watch 48:54 (hours/minutes) of TV per week

Top Genres


DVR and HD Usage


For the complete view, including to shows and networks from last season, download Nielsen’s State of TV fact sheet.

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