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What Consumers Watch Nielsen’s Q1 2010 Three Screen Report

2 minute read | June 2010

Technologies such as high definition television, digital video recorders and the Internet are creating higher quality and more convenient experiences for consumers, and as a result, the amount of video Americans consume continues to rise, according to the latest edition of The Nielsen Company’s Three Screen Report.  Over the last two years, ownership of HDTVs, DVRs and smartphones have increased at double- and triple-digit rates.

“Consumers are driven by the convenience and quality that today’s technology now enables,” said Matt O’Grady, Executive Vice President, Audience Measurement. “New mobile devices and enhanced TV quality allow viewers to engage in more content than ever before.”

More than half of US TV households now have HDTV, up 189% from the first quarter of 2008, and more than one-third now have DVRs, up 51%.  High-speed broadband Internet access, now in 63.5% of homes, has created a better user experience for watching online videos and nearly a quarter of households have smartphones, enabling consumers to “place shift” and watch video wherever they are.  Despite the common perception that viewers of videos on mobile phones are predominantly teens, more than half (55%) are adults aged 25-49. While mobile online video viewing is still fairly limited, year over year growth is notable at 51.2%.

TV still remains the preferred screen of choice: viewers watched 2 more hours of TV per month in the first quarter of 2010 compared to the same period a year prior (158:25 vs. 156:24).  They are also continuing to simultaneously use the Internet while watching TV, with the average time spent doing both activities up 9.8% to 3 hours and 41 minutes.


As of Q1 2010 the 292 million people in the US with TVs spend on average 158 hours, 25 minutes each month tuning into television.  Q1 2010 data shows that 138 million people watching video on the Internet spent on average 3 hours, 10 minutes during the month doing so.  As of 1Q10 the 20.3 million people who watch mobile video in the US spend on average 3 hrs, 37 minutes each month watching video on a mobile phone.

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