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Put Five Years of TV Ad Performance At Your Fingertips With TV Brand Effect Ad Snapshots

3 minute read | June 2015

For years, many of the biggest marketers in the world have used Nielsen’s TV Brand Effect solution to optimize their TV ad investments. Subscribers receive in-depth reporting from Nielsen research analysts on the memorability and likeability of their TV ads as well as their competitors’. They also have access to more than 10 years of industry norms—all measured in a real-world environment. Marketers can then use this data to enhance their ad creative, refine their media allocation and establish key performance indicators.

And now, in step with the times, Nielsen is readying an on-demand way for subscribers to access their results—a complement to their regular Nielsen analyst consultations. Enter Ad Snapshots, our new TV Brand Effect dashboard that provides real-time, hands-on access to TV ad performance and more, whenever marketers need it.

The data you need, all in one place

Having multiple data sets across multiple target demographics can make it difficult for marketers to get a comprehensive understanding of how an ad performs. The Ad Snapshots dashboard places Brand Memorability, Information and Emotive Power scores, along with TV media weight, all together and side-by-side for easy viewing. With aggregate data in one place, marketers can simply click on an ad and see detailed data about it—when it aired, on what channel, how it performed. You can also see how your competitors’ ads performed too. And demographic drilldowns and performance by metric are just one click away.

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Unlock Five Years of Ad Performance Data

Ad Snapshots draws from our syndicated database to provide you with five years and more than 150,000 TV ads worth of TV Brand Effect performance data, including video clips, recent airings and creative-level performance. This treasure trove of information has been aggregated from over 25 networks’ prime-time airings—all measured using TV Brand Effect’s unique, real-world approach.


We have coverage of categories across most major verticals, with additional categories constantly being added. We currently cover:

• Apparel
• Beverages
• Cosmetics
• Entertainment
• Finance
• Food
• Gaming
• Haircare
• Insurance
• Leisure
• Pharmaceutical
• Retail
• Technology
• Telecom
• Toiletries
• Transportation
• Travel

Stay In the Know on Competitor Activity

With Ad Snapshots, you’ll never be caught off-guard when a competitor’s new ad pops up during your favorite show. With this new tool, you can stay on top of competitive intelligence with automatic alerts any time a competitor launches a new ad. You also won’t need to scramble to track down ad copy. That’s because you’ll have access to all of your competitive ad videos, old and new. It’s the head-start you need to stay informed and respond quickly.

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Dashboard Speed Combined With Advanced Analytics

But we’re not arming you with just a dashboard. Our Nielsen research team provides years of experience to give you strategic insights and experienced consulting to help you optimize the effectiveness of your advertising while it’s in-market—so you can make adjustments in real time.

We’re excited to share this new development, to help bring TV Brand Effect insights to light in a simpler and faster way. Combined with our strategic insights and experienced consulting, you’ll have the support you need to optimize your advertising and keep you out in front of the competition. Ad Snapshots is launching in July 2015 and will be available to all current and future TV Brand Effect clients.