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Why Is the Launch of Digital Content Ratings Important for Australia?

1 minute read | July 2017

We are getting excited for the launch of Digital Content Ratings in Australia on July 25, 2017! This marks the next phase of understanding Australian consumers’ digital behavior in a constantly evolving media landscape. Supplementing the world-leading Digital Ratings (Monthly) measurement solution, clients will now have a better understanding of Australians’ interaction with text, video and audio content across all devices. And all this with a daily reporting frequency!

This solution will enable agencies and publishers to more effectively monetize premium digital inventory. The independent measurement system offers confidence and transparency in the buying and selling of digital advertising and will ultimately continue to drive revenue growth for clients.

With all that in mind, we recently asked industry leaders across Australia why they think Nielsen Digital Content Ratings is so important for Australia and how it’s once again putting Australia at the forefront of digital audience measurement globally.

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