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What We Watch, When We Watch Video: Viewership in 2018 at 9th Annual VidCon Conference

1 minute read | June 2018

Last week, Amanda Tarpey, SVP of Product Leadership – Digital, presented at the 9th Annual VidCon Conference in Anaheim, Calif. The conference, acquired by media conglomerate Viacom last year, featured presentations across the video spectrum, bringing together fans, creators and industry leaders to celebrate the power of online media.

In her session, “What We Watch When We Watch Video: Viewership in 2018,” Amanda explored modern media consumption across traditional linear TV and streaming services. Her presentation showcased new insights on video viewership, content engagement and the distinct ways consumers interact with television and digital devices. In addition to highlighting the shifting demographics of U.S. viewers, Amanda discussed how multicultural content and talent resonates across cultures.

“There’s a major shift happening in modern media consumptionfrom demographics to devicesand at Nielsen, we’re laser focused on measuring all of it and providing an accurate reflection of the consumer experience,” Amanda said. “With Gen Z representing the most multicultural generation in the U.S.*, understanding how content and advertising resonate across increasingly diverse platforms and audiences is more important than ever.”

Since its first year in 2010, VidCon has expanded to welcome over 30,000 people and has grown to include sponsorship and corporate attendees across the digital and technology industries. The conference is programmed with three tracks for different sets of audiences: community (for fans and online video personalities), creator (workshops for content creators) and industry (features keynote speakers).


*Source: Nielsen NPower, How Many (in millions) based off Universe Estimates, Jan. 15, 2018