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Nielsen Recognized as High-performing Company for the Environment

1 minute read | April 2019

In honor of Earth Day 2019, Forbes and JUST Capital have recognized Nielsen as one of the “Top 33 Companies for the Environment by Industry.”

JUST Capital has identified these top-performing companies when it comes to the environment based on its annual ranking of companies across the 33 industries they measure. In their most recent annual ranking, the “JUST 100,” Nielsen was recognized as No. 40 overall and No. 1 in the Media industry.

As one of the “Top 33 Companies for the Environment,” Forbes and JUST Capital highlighted Nielsen’s commitment to ensure none of our electronic waste (e-waste) goes to landfills, as well as our efforts to reduce paper waste in our offices. Our primary environmental programs are operated under the umbrella of Nielsen Green and are detailed extensively in our most recent Nielsen Global Responsibility Report.

“At Nielsen, we see sound environmental management as central to our business and key to securing our collective future,” said Julia Wilson, VP, Global Responsibility & Sustainability, Nielsen. “We also recognize our responsibility to help our clients understand what sustainability means for their businesses as they seek to connect authentically with consumers across the broad spectrum of sustainability issues that matter most to them, including issues that relate to protecting our environment, like recyclable packaging and responsible farming practices.”

In a world where 57% of Americans surveyed by JUST Capital believe that companies have a negative impact on the environment, we continue to believe that it is critical for all companies and people to work together in making positive contributions that improve our broader communities and protect the environment we all share.