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Historical milestone for future viewer survey across television and streaming in Denmark

3 minute read | June 2020

Oslo, Norway, 18 June 2020 – The steering group for TV surveys in Denmark, which represents the largest Danish TV channels, and Nielsen (NYSE: NLSN), today announced a five-year agreement in which Nielsen is appointed as the new supplier of the viewer survey in Denmark.

From 1 January 2022, Nielsen’s innovative solution will give the Danish market a comprehensive overview of viewing on traditional TV and streaming platforms. In addition to linear TV viewing, this includes the use of BVOD (Broadcast Video On Demand) services on connected TVs and other digital devices in the home.

Nielsen’s solution combines a household panel with a census-based measurement, to give media owners and buyers a granular dataset with daily reporting of how people view video content across various broadcast and streaming platforms. This combined approach provides a more comprehensive overview of the Danish audience, which reflects the many different viewer options offered today. The industry gets an overall picture of viewing in Denmark, and can also utilize this in a commercial context.

Chantale Coulombe, Commercial Leader at Nielsen Denmark Media, says: “Video content is more complex to measure today than ever before. It requires an infrastructure that is not only compatible with the many new technical configurations and standards, but also capable of evolving rapidly over time. An independent, credible, and modern measurement is crucial in a media market where currency for buying and selling is based on viewership. Nielsen’s strong reputation will give the Danish market the trust and transparency required ».

Matt O’Grady, Global Commercial President at Nielsen Media, adds: “Nielsen’s latest generation of TV panel technology, Nielsen’s streaming and nanometers, as well as advanced digital household panels and census-based solutions, are methods already implemented and tested in markets around the world. . We can guarantee that our product portfolio will provide Danish media companies with both the linear data and streaming data they need to grow further. The Nielsen team is now immediately starting work in Denmark, and we look forward to delivering a media measurement that the market trusts. “Frederik Barnholdt, Head of Market & Performance Measurement at TV 2, and head of the steering group for Danish TV stations, concludes : «Viewer behavior in Danish homes is changing rapidly, and we are pleased to have chosen Nielsen as our supplier of the official viewer surveys. Nielsen’s new panel of 1750 households will be the largest panel we have had to date, and this will ensure a greater understanding of video consumption on both broadcast and streaming platforms. “

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