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The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q2 2017

Adults in the U.S. are spending an additional half hour more a day compared to last year connected to media across platforms—digital, audio and television—which are the three platforms of content distribution and discovery for the average consumer.

The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q1 2017

There are many influences that can sway consumer media habits—from where they live to their income levels to when they were born. We also see much different consumption habits across generations.

The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q4 2016

In this edition, we examine the phenomenal increase in news consumption. We look at which sources showed the greatest increase, whether the increases were due to an increase in consumers (reach) or more time spent with news per person.

The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q3 2016

In this report, we provide an extensive profile of working and stay-at-home moms—their income, education, home status, urbanicity and race/origin. We provide data on their technology ownership and media behaviors, across TV, radio and digital media.

The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q2 2016

This iteration of the Nielsen Total Audience Report focuses on the media channel choices within the many different platforms consumers have at their disposal and the amount they routinely turn to.

The Total Audience Report: Q1 2016

While the front sections of the quarterly Nielsen Total Audience reports typically dive deep on media usage by certain demographics—age, ethnicity, income, etc.—the first-quarter 2016 report focuses on tables and exhibits typically included in the back of the report that provide comprehensive...

The Total Audience Report: Q4 2015

Millennials are not a uniform, homogeneous group with a common set of beliefs, technologies and behaviors. And as such, their media consumption behaviors vary by life stage.

The Total Audience Report: Q2 2015

The second-quarter Total Audience Report looks at how consumers engage with media platforms each day, highlighting how radio and PC usage his higher during the day, TV and TV-connected device usage is higher at night.