Webinar: The Future of FMCG E-commerce

Presenter:Kieran Duke, Director of Data Science Client Lead & Charmi Agrawal, Lead Data Scientist, Nielsen Global Markets
11.30am (Delhi)
12.30pm (Yangon)
1pm (Jakarta/Bangkok/Hanoi)
2pm (Beijing/Kuala Lumpur/Manila/Singapore)
3pm (Tokyo/Seoul)
4pm (Sydney)
6pm (Auckland)

Duration: One hour

Cost: Complimentary

Event hashtag: #fmcgecommerce

While there is strengthening growth in online adoption and spend around the world in the FMCG sector, we still see disparity with some markets showing growth while others are showing sluggish performance.

Understanding the pillars that enable e-commerce to flourish and the barriers that cause it to stall can help you time your investment better and improve your focus across countries and regions.

Join our  speakers as they share global insights and regional examples as to why some markets will accelerate in FMCG e-commerce sales while others will be slower to take off. Our experts will help you uncover how you can leverage data, personalization and technology to ensure that you are riding the wave of what’s next in FMCG e-commerce.

Webinar highlights include: 

  • Explore the factors that are influencing FMCG e-commerce growth and examine what is working in different regions
  • Get examples of e-commerce size and growth to 2022 of select markets
  • Discover winning ways to help craft and activate your e-commerce strategies

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