Deep, descriptive data for TV shows and movies

Data is key–your viewers rely on the information in your interfaces, search, discovery and recommendation features to connect to new content and experience the world of streaming and analog programming. Make sure you’re up to the challenge by accessing Gracenote Global Video Data’s powerful TV & Movie Data.

Experience Gracenote’s expertly curated descriptive information for everything from films to series to news and sports programming. Gracenote provides descriptive metadata for TV series, episode descriptions, movie synopses, cast and crew and other descriptive information. With Gracenote’s data, develop informative and visually stunning video guides and interfaces.

Gracenote aggregates and normalizes information and imagery for millions of programs worldwide. Gracenote’s editorial teams adhere to rigorous guidelines to ensure the highest standards in data quality and reliability worldwide. A standard data format and Gracenote IDs (TMS) across data enables entertainment providers to create content search and discovery experiences for viewers.


Go further with the highest quality data

Comprehensive data

Gracenote offers a breadth of data services across the most popular forms of entertainment–TV, films, music and sports.

Editorial quality

Gracenote’s data is curated and selected by a highly experienced group of media experts, ensuring consistent high quality across datasets, categories and regions.

Flexible delivery

All data can be accessed in a variety of ways so that you can do more.

Use cases

Empower your viewers to experience and discover more

TV & video platforms

Create informationally rich and visually stunning TV and video guides and interfaces and power search, discovery and recommendations for viewers around the world.

• Develop TV and video guides to drive viewer tune-in to programming.
• Enable viewers to more easily search for their favorite shows, as well as browse and discover new content to enjoy.
• Engage audiences with content, keeping them on your platform and reducing subscriber churn.
•Expand your platform to new markets, leveraging a unified, normalized video data set with robust local coverage.
• Leverage a foundational Gracenote video data set, facilitating ease of integrating additional Gracenote entertainment data sets to further enrich search and discovery.


Give passengers the ability to search for, discover, and enjoy TV, movies, and other video content while in the car.

• Integrate TV show and movie information into front and rear-seat entertainment systems.
• Help passengers easily find the specific TV shows and movies they want to watch, with descriptive program details and rich imagery.
• Curate carousels based on trip, charging times, or who is in the car.


Unparalleled coverage for your content solutions needs

Gracenote provides global and local content solutions in key regions across the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Gracenote Global Video Data coverage spans 85+ countries/territories globally in 35+ applicable languages.

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