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Get your message out with the media mix that’s right for your campaign

With so many channels and platforms to work with, knowing where to place your communications is critical for the success of any campaign. You need to align your campaign objectives with the right combination of media to ensure you’re reaching and influencing the right consumers.

Commspoint Influence helps brands and their agencies identify the optimal communication channel mix for their products by analyzing how different types of media work together to deliver your messaging.

Start making data-driven channel optimizations in three easy steps:

1. Complete a briefing explaining your brand and communication objectives.

2. Select the types of media that might be in your plan using our strategic benchmarks.

3. Choose the communication channel mix strategy that fits best with your budget.


Transform your strategic communication planning



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Reflect your agency or brand’s planning approach for individual markets or regions with full customization.

Actionable insights

Actionable insights

Transform survey data into actionable reach and effectiveness curves that predict outcomes based on your budget.

Easy presentation

Easy presentation

Easily export data and create presentations to share your findings with colleagues and stakeholders.

Use cases

Media planning for advertisers, agencies, publishers and ad platforms

Advertisers and agencies

Media buyers

Determine your optimal channel allocation strategy by understanding the effectiveness of media channels in reaching your target audience.

Answer critical questions like:

• What is the optimal media mix for my campaigns?
• What is the point of diminishing returns for my advertising?
• How would budget shifts impact my campaign performance?

Publishers and platforms

Media sellers

Showcase the value of your media channels against your client’s top competitors in both reach and effectiveness.

Answer critical questions like:

• How does my platform’s reach compare to my competitors?
• Which audiences can I reach that my competitors can’t?
• What is the maximum reach for my client’s budget?


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