What we do

Our end-to-end NCX solution allows you to design the optimum customer experience, enabling you to listen and act upon it to drive customer satisfaction and business results, and allowing you to embrace the experience economy.

How we do it

Our Customer Experience framework is built on 4 pillars that bring together the best of Nielsen insight, analytics and business improvement capabilities, along with industry knowledge and with proven,  multi award-winning, real-time customer listening technology:

Customer Experience Design 

We assess both your brand promise and your customers’ expectations and look to establish alignment at every step:

  • The Brand Promise framework assesses your brand perception (along with your competition) in order to understand its appeal and alignment to customer needs,  as well as establishing the drivers of relationship strength
  • Expectation Mapping provides a deep understanding of your priority touch points, the ‘moments of truth’ and the pain-points in the customer journey that need to be assessed and aligned with your brand promise

We then help you define and design the most suitable and differentiating customer experience across all of your customer touch-points, so as to ensure that the experience you deliver to your customers meets and hopefully exceeds your customers’ expectations, and aligns to your brand promise.

 Listen and Act on Customer feedback 

We collect and listen to customer feedback across all relevant channels and at all selected touch-points anywhere and in real-time:

  • Omni-channel: Our platform is designed to integrate seamlessly across all your channels of communication with customers
  • Real-time: We continuously help you collect and listen to customer feedback on a real-time basis
  • Customised: We integrate the platform seamlessly into your business, based on your operating model and requirements

We empower your employees to act upon customer feedback in order to increase retention and drive incremental growth:

  • Closed-loop technology that allows you to act upon the needs of your customers quickly and react to their issues
  • Training and improvement input to ensure staff are equipped to support the needs of your customers


We ensure that the feedback you are collecting is captured, analysed and key insights and actions drawn out to constantly improve customer experience delivery and ultimately business performance on an on-going basis:

  • We track multiple key business indicators such as NPS and any other key management metrics you require in order to understand what drives them and how to improve them (e.g. number of complaints)
  • We analyse emerging trends and themes coming through the data to constantly ensure you have visibility on where to improve and how, as well as identifying best-practice performance that positively impact your KPI’s.
  • We link any transactional data you have to your strategic relationship measures in order to measure the impact on your business
  • We extract relevant insight to identify key pain-points to be fixed and help you allocate and deploy your investments in maintaining, improving and innovating your customer experience delivery accordingly


We support in the development of Predictive Models to ensure you invest and act in areas that have the greatest impact potential for your business:

  • Retention/defection: Understand the drivers of churn and develop advanced models to enable you to proactively undertaken remedial action
  • Cross-sell and up-sell: Identify the customers most likely to increase their share of wallet, as well as the key influencing customer experience factors that will drive this
  • Innovation: Design break-through service propositions that create differentiation, customer engagement, and greater brand appeal
  • Advertising optimisation: Set brand promise expectations in your advertising that are aligned to the customer experience you deliver