Audio Today: Radio 2016 – Appealing Far and Wide

Audio Today: Radio 2016 – Appealing Far and Wide

Radio leads all other platforms when it comes to weekly reach (93%) among adult consumers – and with new insights available to compare radio to other platforms on a regular basis, it’s clear that radio is an integral part of media consumption for millions of Americans.

Today the words “radio” and “audio” mean many different things to many different people: music, commentary, podcasting, digital listening, in-car entertainment and on and on. What’s certain is that the radio consumer is a highly qualified audience, delivered in real-time across hundreds of markets every single day. Most radio listeners are in the workforce and are reached when they’re away from home and ready to buy.

In a time of intense competition for audience attention, radio reaches more Americans each week than any other platform. Ninety-three percent of adult consumers (18+) use radio on a weekly basis, more than TV or smartphones.

Who’s Tuned In?

Network programming and services are radio’s national currency: a large and diverse catalog of syndicated audio content which includes everything from 24-hour music channels to sports talk and political analysis, as well as some of the biggest personalities in radio.

The list of stations and affiliates that combine to represent the network radio audience is immense, and so is the audience.


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Audio Today: Radio 2016 – Appealing Far and Wide

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