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Demand Fuels Nielsen Consumer Neuroscience Expansion

In today’s complex media world, it’s harder than ever for brand messages to break through and connect emotionally with consumers. And amid the tools and methods available to help marketers, consumer neuroscience adoption continues to rise as a greater understanding of the value it can provide becomes more clear.

To satisfy the needs of the growing demand for consumer neuroscience, Nielsen has enhanced and expanded its consumer neuroscience labs in Boston, Japan, China and Singapore. Our 14 labs around the globe are where our consumer neuroscience studies are conducted, employing our suite of tools—electroencephalography (EEG), biometrics, facial coding, eye tracking and more—with recruited participants customized for each study. These updates to our labs allow us to further deliver unparalleled consumer insights with high efficiency.

Serena Pang, research analyst in Boston office caps fellow research analyst David Gwozdz

In Boston, we’ve doubled our lab capacity, expanding from two neuro-pods (customized rooms where we conduct our neuroscience studies) to four. These rooms are carefully constructed to control a number of variables, including lighting, sound insulation, visual field, participant experience and color palette to align with all our labs around the world. In addition to adding two neuro-pods, we updated the two existing pods with new lighting, equipment and insulation. We also revamped the participant preparation room and added facilities that will allow us to reduce the clean-up time needed between studies.

In Japan and China, we added an additional neuro-pod in each location, bringing the total number to three and four neuro-pods, respectively. The additional neuro-pods increase capacity by 30%-50% in these regions, giving Nielsen associates the ability to fully complete testing for one to one-and-a-half projects (testing ads or other marketing stimuli) within these labs in a single day. These improvements also included new infrastructure to ensure high data quality, and allow for facial coding and biometric technology to be implemented later this year.

We’re also increasing our efforts in Singapore with the addition of two mobile rigs (for a total of five in the region) to increase capacity of field work throughout Indonesia, Philippines and Australia. These mobile rigs will complement the physical lab being built in Nielsen’s Singapore office later this year, to provide greater research capacity and flexibility for the Southeast Asia-Pacific region.

With these renovations and expansions (and more slated to arrive later this year), we’re furthering our commitment to our consumer neuroscience capabilities and operations to meet the increasing demand from our clients across industries.

Education is another essential piece of that commitment, and Nielsen is dedicated to keeping the marketing industry apprised of the latest advancements, applications and value of consumer neuroscience. To that effect, on March 22, our team in Boston hosted the first in a series of events that offer clients and their agencies the opportunity to tour our lab facilities, watch a live demonstration and hear from Dr. Carl Marci, our chief neuroscientist, on a key topic of interest in the neuroscience research community.