Ad Intel

Uncovering The Flow Of Ad Dollars

The advertising environment is like an ocean—vast and deep. Fishing for audiences is growing increasingly complex, and new ad platforms are still in uncharted waters. So in today’s landscape, casting your net is both an art and a science.

You also need answers to what seems like an ever-expanding sea of questions:

  • How do you identify prospects or understand brand media strategies?
  • Are you missing key opportunities to serve target brands?
  • Are competitors giving or getting better media rates than you?

More than anything, you need quality intelligence—both to differentiate yourself from the competition and to carve out the best path forward for your brand or media property.

Ad Intel is an ad spend monitoring service that tracks competitive ad activity across the evolving media landscape to bring you actionable, accurate cross-platform audience spend and impression data.

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Let Ad Intel Help You Determine…

How much each advertiser is spending by media

When, where and how many ads are placed by media

Which creatives are being used and on what platforms

How well a media campaign fared in comparison to the competition




Providing you with more complete and compelling digital insights
than ever before, Ad Intel offers newly enhanced digital data across
more sites, platforms and creative types, fueled by Pathmatics and
Nielsen, that captures ad delivery data to help you stay ahead of what’s
happening in digital advertising. This solution allows for
highest-quality measurement across platforms with insights on
impressions, estimated spend and ad delivery path, connecting the where,
when and how of digital brand messaging.

Key Benefits of Ad Intel

DISCOVER AD SPEND: Dig into advertising spend by company, category, brand and platform across 22 online and offline media

GET ALERTS: Be alerted when new advertisers, new brands, new creative enter the marketplace

STAY INFORMED: See when and where ads run, how much they cost, how long they run, how the creative is executed, and for TV spots, which programs they air on, and the ratings for those programs

DIFFERENTIATE: Spot opportunities to differentiate yourself from your competitors

TAKE ACTION: Identify gaps in campaigns so you can better optimize future efforts

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