Nielsen advanced advertising

Addressable TV advertising is ready for primetime and Nielsen is taking a bigger, bolder role in helping to shape its future

The smart TV landscape is achieving critical mass, as more than 250 million internet-connected, smart TVs are expected to be in the market by 2023, according to Statista. With this surge in consumer adoption, smart TVs are poised to be a powerful medium for delivering addressable TV ads, like digital advertising, targeted to specific consumer targets.

As the industry sharpens its focus on smart TV addressable advertising, it’s clear that there needs to be an end-to-end, AI-optimized platform that enables ad delivery, data-driven targeting, automation, real-time optimization, unified campaign management and measurement. And Nielsen is uniquely positioned to tie all of these elements together at scale.

Over the last several years, Nielsen has put the building blocks in place to help make addressable TV thrive, including the acquisitions of these innovative businesses:

Smart TV software and privacy management company.

A leader in entertainment metadata and provider of automatic content recognition (ACR) technology that provides the ability for real-time, frame-level ad detection regardless of source or TV platform.

An end-to-end ad delivery solution enabling addressable advertising for TV at scale.

With the technology and software now in place, Nielsen will leverage its deep experience in TV measurement to ensure that every addressable TV ad is transacted in a way that is transparent and drives the greatest value for the TV industry, while maintaining the integrity of current C3/C7 measurement standards.   

Core Elements for Addressable Advertising


Automatic Content Recognition (ACR)

Frame-level accurate content recognition that detects ad breaks and verifies ad playout.


Ad Decisioning and Targeting

Advanced software that determines if the original broadcast ad should be replaced with a targeted, addressable ad.


Ad Delivery

Delivers the addressable ad to the smart TV, replacing the original broadcast ad with no disruption to the consumer viewing experience.


Ad Measurement

Nielsen’s leading audience measurement capabilities measure ad playout, exposure and attribution of the addressable ad.

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