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Nielsen Total Audience Report | February 2020

This is a "Streaming Wars" takeover edition of the Total Audience Report, focusing on how much content exists in the viewing ecosystem, how much time consumers spend using streaming services on the television set, and a look at what drives consumers' video, audio and streaming service choices.

The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q3 2018

In this edition of the Nielsen Total Audience Report, we are happy to share year-over-year comparisons of media use to show how consumer behaviors have shifted across comparable measurement intervals.

The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q2 2018

Access and convenience are two key factors that determine how people consume media at different times. So, is prime time still relevant in this era of device fragmentation? The answer is a resounding “Yes.”

The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q1 2018

The re-imagined Nielsen Total Audience Report examines overall media usage across linear and digital platforms, reviews consumer access to devices and services, digs deeper into TV-connected device use, explores usage differences across various ages and race/ethnicities, and provides insights into...

Total Audience | Nielsen

Developing great campaigns and content in today's complex media market starts with understanding your audience: who they are, what they like, and how they interact with content—everywhere.

The Nielsen Total Audience Report: Q2 2017

Adults in the U.S. are spending an additional half hour more a day compared to last year connected to media across platforms—digital, audio and television—which are the three platforms of content distribution and discovery for the average consumer.

Nielsen Views: Capturing the Total Audience

In this video, Jessica Hogue, Senior Vice President of Product Leadership at Nielsen, discusses the journey to delivering Nielsen Total Audience measurement to the marketplace and shares how clients are leveraging the framework to showcase the value of their audiences.