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nielsen ready to bring total audience measurement

5 minute read | September 2019

Jakarta, 12 September 2019 – In this digital era where consumers live a seamless lifestyle (not differentiating online/offline activities), media companies and advertisers are facing the challenge to make the right decision, from how to spread advertising budget (changing from conventional to digital) to the ‘monetization’ metric to reach an effective target audience. To help media companies and advertisers penetrate and attract consumers’ attention in this new media landscape, Nielsen connects all online/offline measurement capabilities into a comprehensive framework, which measures “Total Audience.”

Nielsen Consumer & Media View (CMV) data shows that in Indonesia, smartphone ownership growth that reached 250% in the last five years (2014-2019) and the characteristics of always-connected smartphones drive the consumer’s ‘seamless lifestyle’.

Television still dominates media consumption. However, as far as time spent is concerned, television has not experienced growth in the past three years. Citing the Nielsen Consumer & Media View (CMV) data, in Q1 2016 consumers in 11 cities in Indonesia spent on average 4 hours and 54 minutes per day to watch TV, and in the same quarter of 2019 they spent an average of 4 hours 59 minutes. Meanwhile, time spent on internet has grown significantly in the past three years, from the average 2 hours and 26 minutes per day to 3 hours and 20 minutes per day, Q1 2016 and Q1 2019 respectively. It is clear that digital is starting to ‘catch up’ on television, so it is seen as a ‘sexy’ newcomer in the media mix.

As internet consumption time spent is increasing, the line between online and offline is becoming vague because consumers no longer separate the two platforms in carrying out their activities. The Nielsen CMV study shows the consistency of consumer behavior in using online and offline platforms as follows: 88% of consumers who claim to have a hobby of photography have an Instagram (social networking service for sharing photos and videos) account, 85% of consumers who like to play games claim that they also play games online, and consumers who like to eat in restaurants also have a higher tendency to order food online. Also, 1 (one) out of 4 (four) people who like shopping at shopping centers also shop online. The behavior change in media consumption makes the habit of cross-platform between digital media and conventional media become a common thing, and digital becomes a slice on every type of conventional media, whether it is television, radio or print.

Seamless lifestyle makes promotion strategies in digital media important. The Nielsen Advertising Intelligence (Ad Intel) study in the second quarter of 2019 showed that the portion of advertising spending on digital media was quite large in the three categories, i.e. 25% in Online Services, 20% in Communications Equipment and 6% in Instant Food/Instant Noodle.

Nielsen Total Audience is Complementing Offline and Online Measurement

In order to empower media companies and advertisers to achieve cut-through and capture consumers’ attention in the new media landscape, Nielsen is connecting all of online/offline measurement capabilities into a comprehensive framework that measures “Total Audience.” Nielsen’s Total Audience Measurement applies state of the art technology that combines Nano People Meter and Streaming Meter with the “Big Data and Data Science Approach”, connected by the latest Nielsen Software Development Kit (SDK). In addition to comprehensive, low cost and high quality, this technology solution is also designed to blend into the home environment, whereby the devices are simple and modern.

Industry players can now measure viewership in conventional and digital media more easily, and they can even look at the demographics of viewers who consume content and advertisements that are broadcasted. The Total Audience Measurement solution is already available in Nielsen US, and the other Nielsen entities are ready to start.

“Marketing strategies should no longer separate digital and conventional, as each media have its own strength to help advertisers achieve their marketing objectives. Therefore we need a comprehensive measurement to give the whole picture of consumers’ touch points so advertisers can calculate ROI by matching data between who sees and doesn’t see their advertisements, and who buys and doesn’t buy their products.” said Hellen Katherina, Executive Director of Media Nielsen Indonesia.

”On the other hand, independent measurement is paramount to give marketers and advertisers the confidence to continuously invest in digital. Today, Nielsen is ready to go to Total Audience and cross-media measurement to help industry players with monetisation strategy”.

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