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Consumers today split their attention between TV and digital, increasingly consuming media via their computers, tablets and phones.  While advertisers have been quick to deliver messages across multiple platforms, the ability to accurately determine return on investment for cross-platform campaigns has remained elusive – until now.

Nielsen Cross-Platform Campaign Ratings provides the first-ever complete picture of campaign performance. Discover how it works and what this means for improving your multi-platform performance.

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Opinion: David Gosen, European MD of Digital

The Future of Measurement is Bright

Collecting and using consumer panel data is tough, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it – it gives the most holistic view of consumer behavior and is now needed by the media industry more than ever.

When it comes to the development and distribution of content, the pace of innovation has been breathtaking.  Today, people consume media on multiple platforms and devices and, with the rise of mobile technologies, they do it anytime and in any place.  So, how should this proliferating and diverse consumption be measured?

Some argue that a site-centric approach using server logs is required.  At Nielsen, though, we believe this overlooks some of the essential aspects of media measurement in today’s world

“We are at the forefront of delivering better client performance and Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings is a perfect opportunity to better understand online delivery for our clients. We intend to use the data to inform future buying decisions.”

Bhavin Balvantrai, Head of Research for Omnicom Media Group


Make Your Digital Marketing Spend Count

In a multi-platform world, you can’t afford to miss your audience, especially online. Knowing your campaign reach and how to adjust it marks the difference between higher ROI and wasted investment. In this webcast James Oates, Nielsen’s UK Managing Director for Media shares the latest breakthroughs for advertisers, agencies and media owners to accurately measure and adjust their online campaigns for maximum impact. James is joined by Fanny Carouge, Head of Research at Unanimis.


Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings Launches in UK

Nielsen managing director for digital in Europe, David Gosen:  “Today marks a significant step in the development and maturity of online advertising in the UK, with the launch of Nielsen OCR.  In today’s challenging business world where ROI is vital, this new system delivers both a well-established metric in the form of GRPs and in-flight campaign optimization.  These attributes will drive effectiveness in online advertising to new levels and we fully expect OCR to help establish a currency for online campaign effectiveness.”

Leading to today’s launch, tests of Nielsen OCR in the UK show that on average less than half of all online ad impressions are reaching the advertiser’s intended audience, based on age and gender.  In one test campaign it found that ads for an innovative consumer product aimed at young women were completely missing their intended audience and actually being viewed predominantly by older women and by men.

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