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10 Things to Know About Today’s Female Consumer

1 minute read | March 2013

Think you know a thing or two about women? They’re dynamic consumers and worth paying attention to. Here are a few reasons why.

  1. ESPN’s “NFL Regular Season” was the top cable TV program among American women age 21-24 in November 2012.
  2. Eighty-nine percent of women in developing countries have a cell phone. In developed countries, the number jumps to 95 percent.
  3. More women in Australia own smartphones (67%) than anywhere in the world, followed by South Korea (65%), China (57%) and Italy (57%).
  4. Seventy percent of women surveyed worldwide have cut household spending in the past year. The top targets were clothes, gas and electricity, and entertainment outside the home.
  5. Women in the U.S. talk 28 percent more and text 14 percent more than men on their mobile phones every month.
  6. Globally, women are 25 percent more likely than men to rely on friends or family for advice on personal finance matters.
  7. Women in the U.S. spend significantly more time on social media than men do. Online, women spend 44 percent more time on social media, and via mobile, the number jumps to 39 percent.
  8. While women are very active online globally, only 10 percent are highly influenced by Web ads with social content.
  9. African American women ages 18-35 are 72 percent more likely than the average U.S. adult to publish a blog or express their preferences online via links or “liking.”
  10. Ninety percent of women worldwide believe their role is changing for the better. In developing countries, women are even more optimistic.


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