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Federal Poll Report

1 minute read | February 2013

The Coalition would win an election held now with a swing of around 6%, according to the latest Nielsen Poll. The national poll of 1,400 respondents, taken from Thursday to Saturday (14-16 February 2013), shows the Coalition with 56% of the two-party preferred vote (up four points since 13-15 December 2012) ahead of the ALP on 44% (down 4).

On primaries Labor is on 30% (down 5) and the Coalition is up four points to 47%. The Greens lead the minor parties with 11% (up 1). Family First is on 2% (steady), and independents are on 6% (steady). Other parties are on 4% (steady).

The Liberal and National parties would win an election held now with a two-party preferred swing of around 6%. When the two-party vote is calculated by how respondents said they would allocate preferences, the result is Coalition 55% (up 4) ahead of the ALP on 45% (down 4).

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