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Australian Multi-Screen Report Q2 2014

1 minute read | October 2014

The Australian Multi-Screen Report for Q2 2014 reveals that Australians are watching more television on in-home TV sets year-on-year and continue to adopt new screen technologies.

Total use of the television screen has also risen compared to a year ago, reflecting the progressive take-up of new devices attached to the TV set, and of televisions with the potential to connect to the internet.

Key highlights from this edition:

  • Australians watch on average 97 hours and 03 minutes (97:03) of broadcast TV on traditional television sets per month – up 26 minutes per month year-on-year (YOY).
  • 91.8% of all broadcast TV viewing is Live, with Playback of broadcast content that viewers record and watch within seven days accounting for 8.2% (7:58 per month).
  • Australians spend on average 39:27 per month online .
  • 27% of homes have internet-capable TVs, whether connected or not (22% in Q2 2013).
  • 42% of homes have tablets (33% in Q2 2013).
  • 71% of Australians aged 16+ own a smartphone (65% in Q2 2013) and self-report an average 1:56 per month viewing any video on these devices (1:20 a year earlier).
  • 13.516 million Australians watch some video on the Internet each month (including TV broadcast and non-broadcast content): an average of 8:08 per month.
About The Australian Multi-Screen Report
The Australian Multi-Screen Report, released quarterly, is the first and only national research into trends in video viewing in Australian homes across television, computers and mobile devices. It combines data from the three best available research sources: the OzTAM and Regional TAM television ratings panels and Nielsen’s national NetView panel, Consumer & Media View database and Australian Connected Consumers Report.



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