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Who is the Electronic Music Listener?

1 minute read | July 2014

(Editor’s note: on Aug. 1, 2014, we updated the graphic by adding ethnicity data to reflect how EDM fans’ ethnicity compares to that of the general population.)

The electronic music landscape has evolved into one of the most robust and influential genres in music today. From the way it’s purchased and streamed to the way it’s enjoyed live, this genre comes with its own culture—one that’s sweeping the nation. It’s also now starting to break into the pop music charts, as a number of today’s top hits fall into the genre. Many feature guest performances from a range of more mainstream artists like John Legend, Hayley Williams (of Paramore) and Sia, which is helping broaden the genre’s exposure. Major electronic music festivals are also adding R&B and hip-hop artists like Schoolboy Q, Lauryn Hill and Outkast to their lineups, inspiring a number of multi-genre festivals to pop up. Brands are also lining up to invest in this explosive genre, making it critical to understand more about who’s tuned in. So who are these progressive and influential fans?

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