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2 minute read | April 2022

The video streaming industry has reached a tipping point

The significant shift in how consumers engage with video content has forever altered TV viewing, and the groundswell of over-the-top (OTT) platforms and content now provides more choice than consumers can keep track of. It’s clear that media companies will need streaming-first mindsets going forward, but they will also need to understand consumer behavior and sentiment to deliver what audiences are looking for—and keep them engaged amid an ever-growing range of choice.

The list of unique program titles in the U.S. tops 817,000 and continues to grow, much like the array of streaming platforms and apps that deliver many of those titles.

There is no mistaking consumer appetites for streaming content, as 72% of Americans say “I love my user experience with video streaming services,” and 93% plan to increase their streaming options or make no changes to their existing plans. But the vastness of platform choice has become overwhelming for audiences.

Our first State of Play report looks at the explosion of streaming choice and how consumers are gravitating to it—and feeling overwhelmed by the number of new services. With these insights, the media industry will be better equipped to know how to deliver on the bright future of streaming ahead.

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