Who is your most valuable consumer?

Nielsen can help you find your most valuable customers effectively and allocate marketing resources efficiently. Our goal is to help you understand who your best customers are, how to find them, and most importantly, how to connect with them. You can count on our team to help you identify the right voice, using the best media channels with the most effective message.

We know that having data isn’t enough; it’s what you do with it through technology and analytics that makes all the difference.

Segmentation is essential to find and understand customers who want to buy your products. It provides a rich, but singular view of the buyer or intended user: who they are, how they make decisions and why they buy. This will help you develop communication messages, plan media strategies, design retail executions, create prospect lists and measure demand in markets more effectively.

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How We Do It

Bring your consumers to life and supercharge your marketing potential.

Hone in on your most valuable consumers.

From FMCG to financial services, some of the world’s leading organisations talk about our strategic role in helping them seize opportunities, drive profitable growth and outperform their competitors.


Data from more than 60 million households provides a comprehensive, single-source view of the impact your advertising is having on sales.


Raise your marketing efficiency by identifying, understanding, and locating your best consumers where they live and shop.

Find the right solution for your business