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Nielsen’s Ninth Employee Resource Group Launches in the U.K.

2 minute read | April 2017

Nielsen is committed to building diverse and inclusive environments in our offices around the globe. Our employee resource groups (ERGs) play a key role in fostering this culture, and we recently expanded this network with the addition of a ninth ERG to the Nielsen family. MOSAIC (Multinational Organization Supporting an Inclusive Culture) launched this month in our Oxford, U.K., office. With associates in this office identifying with 57 nationalities, MOSAIC recognizes and celebrates the breadth of perspectives and backgrounds of our associates.

“Nielsen has recognized that the empowerment and amplification of diverse voices and perspectives is a necessary step to ensure we, as well as our clients, keep pace with a diversifying world population,” said Petra Tileschova, Global Audit & Compliance and MOSAIC lead. “The creation of MOSAIC, in one of Nielsen’s most diverse offices, is a demonstration of our commitment to cultivating an inclusive environment where associates from around the world feel comfortable bringing their diverse backgrounds to the workplace.”

As part of an event celebrating the group’s launch, MOSAIC hosted three external diversity experts, including Paul Sesay, Creator, National Diversity Awards; Paula Barclay, Advisor at the Co-op Group; and Heather Melville, Director, Strategic Partnerships, Royal Bank of Scotland. Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from Angela Talton, Nielsen’s Chief Diversity Officer, and Cathy Earle, Human Resources Director for U.K. and Ireland and the MOSAIC executive sponsor, as they discussed Nielsen’s global strategy for diversity and inclusion.

To ensure Nielsen is seen as an employer of choice for diverse recruitment candidates, MOSAIC members are working to connect their work with their communities and proactively engage with new hires to help them in navigate other local cultures and languages. MOSAIC also plans to hold cross-cultural and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education events at local universities and schools.

“Nielsen’s global presence demands a global diversity strategy,” said Sherri Dublin, Vice President, Diversity Programs. “Our ERGs not only allow our associates to experience Nielsen D&I [diversity and inclusion] up close, but they also provide a direct link to the communities where we live and work. As our network of ERGs continues to grow, so do the opportunities for our associates to grow within Nielsen, connect with their colleagues and clients, and personally engage in fostering an inclusive culture.”    

MOSAIC’s creation comes on the heels of another ERG global launch in Shanghai last spring, Nielsen Generation (N-GEN). These two groups represent the expanding global footprint of Nielsen’s diversity and inclusion strategy.