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Nielsen more than doubles TV audience measurement in Indonesia

3 minute read | March 2023

Broadcasters and advertisers set to benefit as viewer representation jumps from 59 million to 130 million under Nielsen panel expansion

Jakarta, Indonesia, March 21, 2023 – Thanks to significant investment from Nielsen, the number of urban Indonesian linear TV viewers represented around the country will grow from 58.9 million to 135 million.*

This substantial increase is the result of Nielsen’s panel expansion throughout Java, Sumatra, and other population centres, many of which were previously under-represented or not represented at all.

A win for all stakeholders, the expansion of panels across the archipelago demonstrates Nielsen’s continued commitment to growing and supporting the Indonesian media industry, says Nielsen Asia President (Commercial), Arnaud Frade: “In a country as large and diverse as Indonesia, it’s crucial for broadcasters to be able to accurately demonstrate the power and value of their reach across a wide range of audiences, and we’re excited to help them do that”.

While enabling broadcasters to better show the true scale of their audiences, improved audience measurement will also greatly benefit advertisers, says Nielsen Asia Managing Director (Advertisers),  Aaron Rigby: “Advertisers can now be more certain than ever that their messaging reaches the right audiences, in the right places, at the right time, greatly improving ROI and overall confidence in the industry.”

Nielsen’s increased panel size better reflects Indonesia’s varied population and viewing habits, with more accurate insights now available in smaller population centres. While measurement was also improved throughout Java under the expansion, increased panels in Sumatra show it’s now an island of movie-lovers, while Sulawesi viewers prefer TV series.

This latest Nielsen investment in Indonesian audience measurement follows earlier industry-leading enhancements in the region, including digital measurement transformation and the addition of Nielsen’s Identity System for Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) (now also present in 30+ international markets, including Indonesia). 

These improvements, bolstered by today’s announcement of a 120% increase in linear TV audience representation, sees Indonesia well-placed to integrate into Nielsen ONE when it launches in the region, providing a true cross-platform measurement system across all screens. 

*Numbers for Urban National are estimates from NMS 2021. Final figures will be based on results of Establishment Survey 2022

How Nielsen measures TV viewership in Indonesia

Nielsen measures TV viewership via the Nielsen Panel, which consists of more than 12,000 homes across Indonesia using a device called a Peoplemeter. This device is connected to televisions in those homes. Those watching the television use a remote control to tell the Peoplemeter who is watching and what is being watched. This panel of more than 12,000 homes delivers a representative audience of 130 million people and can measure both analog and digital.

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