Online Display Ad Spend Of Consumer Goods Up 57% Since 2007

Online Display Ad Spend Of Consumer Goods Up 57% Since 2007

Image-based online ad spending by consumer goods companies increased 57 percent over the last two years, growing from $99.8 million in the first quarter of 2007 to $156.2 million in the same quarter in 2009, according to new Nielsen research.

Quarter-over-Quarter Growth in Online Display Ad Spend by U.S. Consumer Goods Industry

Quarter Estimated Spend Quarter-over-Quarter Growth
Q1 2007 99,814,750 n/a
Q1 2008 122,785,505 23%
Q1 2009 156,221,975 27%
Source: Nielsen AdRelevance

“While direct response advertising has been very successful on the Internet, with categories like finance and travel devoting a significant portion of their budget to online advertising, on-line advertising will not continue to grow as rapidly without major brands beginning to devote larger portions of their ad budgets to the Web.  We are seeing some of that happen now with Consumer Packaged Goods companies, which are growing their budgets despite a down economy,” said David Wiesenfeld, vice president, online marketing solutions at Nielsen.

YouTube was the top entertainment web site for consumer product companies in 2009, with 637.7 million display ad impressions and a 24 percent share of all advertising in the genre. and rounded out the top three.  YouTube was also the fastest growing site among the top 10, increasing 572 percent year-over-year.

Site Q1 ’08 Image-Based Ad Impressions (000) Q1 ’09 Image-Based Ad Impressions (000) Y-O-Y % Growth
YouTube 94,939 637,727 572% 115,746 323,142 179% 129,027 202,815 57%
IMDb 516,138 162,598 -68%
Yahoo! 93,850 161,809 72% n/a 132,862 n/a
NBC 229,551 116,000 -49%
ABC 73,426 96,145 31% 110,967 74,851 -33%
MSN 161,890 69,866 -57%
Source: Nielsen AdRelevance

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