Nielsen Advanced Audience

Plan, Activate and Measure Audiences Beyond Age and Gender

In today’s data-driven world, advertisers are demanding more accountability of their ad spend, driving an evolution of how the market buys and sells media. Reaching the audiences that matter most—be it a first-time car buyer or home improvement enthusiast—is paramount for both publishers and advertisers. Understanding advanced audiences and how media companies use them to not only plan and optimize campaigns, but also activate, post and understand outcomes using independent data backed by rigor and standards is critical in today’s world.

What Is An Advanced Audience?

  • An audience that is defined with a buyer target (e.g., new moms or avid hikers), with the majority including an underlying age/gender qualifier.
  • Can be used across addressable, programmatic and audience-based buying workflows and environments. 

What Is Audience-based Buying?

  • The act of buying TV advertising based on an advanced audience segment, which was created using behavioral, attitudinal, and/or lifestyle-based data. This enables cost-effective and optimized media plans to target behavioral segments.


Nielsen Advanced Audience provides the marketplace with data and solutions to confidently create and use any advanced audience segment within media buys. Nielsen’s media consumption data, along with demographic, behavioral, transactional, attitudinal and lifestyle-based segments enable, clients to plan, activate and measure cross-platform campaigns beyond age and gender. With Nielsen Advanced Audience you can understand:

Household Demographics

What programs have the highest reach of persons age 25-54?


How many SUV owners did my campaign reach?


What program is most effective at reaching a person who visits a news website?


What is the universe of toothpaste buyers?


What media plan will be most effective at targeting consumers who prefer to book travel online?

And more…

Which television networks reach the most pharmacy shoppers?


What is the best mix of digital and linear TV networks to reach heavy fast food consumers?

How Does It All Work?

Nielsen is powering the marketplace’s evolution with solutions that seamlessly serve the various stages of planning and buying advanced audience campaigns across platforms. From segment creation all the way through to campaign execution and measurement, Nielsen supports the buy/sell workflow.

Nielsen Advanced Audience addresses the key challenges that media buyers and owners face when negotiating advanced audience deals—accurate audience forecasts, methodology standardization and high-quality audience delivery:

Nielsen Advanced Audience Forecasting Solution

Delivers to the marketplace the ability to understand the impressions available for any advanced audience segment in relation to key age/gender buying demos, looking forward four quarters, across all national networks. This solution enables clients to use advanced audiences in the pre-planning stage of ad buying.

Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Allows clients to create custom audiences from first-party client data, Nielsen-owned data assets and third party data assets based on thousands of attributes. Nielsen Marketing Cloud’s unique connection to the National TV Panel enables clients to seamlessly bring digital segments into linear media plans to activate buying of advanced audience segments across screens.

Nielsen Advanced Audience Posting Solution

Integrated directly into the Nielsen Enterprise Audience API, the posting solution is an intuitive, web-based platform that enables clients to measure the success of a media campaign and compare it to the delivery of key age and gender demographics with high data integrity and transparency.

Nielsen Media Impact

Enables cross-platform media planning that allows users to understand reach, frequency and duplication using advanced audience segments. This gives agencies, media owners and advertisers the ability to reach their desired audiences with cost-effective media plans. Nielsen Media Impact leverages Nielsen Total Audience reach data alongside resonance and reaction data to enable impact planning that optimizes the business outcomes clients want to achieve. Advertisers, agencies and buying platforms can define campaign audiences in Nielsen Media Impact, push targets to media owner sell-side platforms, or audience-based buying platforms in a seamless and automated way.

Nielsen Enterprise Audience API

Enables media companies and solutions providers to transact on advertiser-defined advanced audiences. It provides standardized commercial impressions, unique reach and universe estimates for any audience segment across a national ad schedule or telecast list that clients can use to transact and steward their buys.  

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