Nielsen Audience Segments

Your Trusted provider for ethically sourced audience data

Like the food that fuels your body, you want the data you use to fuel your ad campaigns to be sourced ethically, from an honest provider. With Nielsen, advertisers, media owners and ad tech companies have exclusive access to premium proprietary data, as well as data from trusted partners, to better understand exactly who their customers are, what they buy and the media they consume.

The most complete view of the consumer

The leader in the highest quality media consumption and purchase-based data globally

End-To-End Omnichannel targeting

Person and household-based, across all screens and platforms, including CTV, mobile, podcasts and more

Consent Compliant in a privacy-focused world

Truth set panels, including Homescan, Scarborough, Gracenote and the Nielsen TV, online and audio panels


Custom segments, a simple UI, the ability to activate nearly anywhere and expert support from Nielsen partners

What’s in your data?

Data transparency and privacy are our top priorities. With practices that meet global privacy regulations, unparalleled customization opportunities and the power to activate nearly anywhere, Nielsen makes it easy for you to focus on what’s important—implementing high-impact audience strategies.

Reach key audiences with nielsen proprietary data


Unparalleled source of Purchase data

80% of U.S. credit card transactions

Exclusive J.D. Power Relationship

Five years of historical make/model, financial, incentive and trade data

Exclusive CPG Sales Data Powered by Quotient

100 million individuals and 20,000+ retail stores

Total TV Viewership

Gracenote Smart TV ACR and the Nielsen TV Panel


Leading source of digital behavioral data

90% coverage in the U.S.

World’s biggest database of psychographics

40 million directly measured profiles


All Nielsen Panels

Income, household composition, life stage, children and more

Take your campaign further with access to data from hundreds of data partners, spanning every major vertical.

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