Nielsen Marketing Cloud

Real science. Real results.

Our marketing cloud gives you access to a universe of Nielsen audience data. We help you understand your customers at a level no one else can match. But it doesn’t stop there. Using built-in analytics and Nielsen Artificial Intelligence (AI), our cloud is constantly evaluating the success of your marketing and making adjustments in real-time. The result? Every step of your marketing process gets smarter and more effective.

Marketing Cloud

Our fully-integrated platform enables you to manage every phase of the marketing process in a single place—from media planning and activation to data management and attribution.

Next generation marketing applications

Nielsen Marketing Cloud houses a variety of fully-integrated marketing applications that can be used on their own or together to fuel more efficient, higher impact marketing.

Expand, optimize, segment and activate your customer data across all marketing channels and platforms.

Find your target audience segment, or customize your own based on the characteristics that are most important to you.

In-flight analytics

Analyze real-time consumer engagement through every stage in the purchase funnel.

Third-party applications

Activate audience data in real time across all digital media and as well as hundreds of integrated content marketing, creative testing, search, email and social media platforms.

Artificial intelligence

Single-source, geographically representative panel icon.

Nielsen Artificial Intelligence is an adaptive learning technology that enables marketers to instantly act on changes in audience behavior to improve marketing relevance and results.

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